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    "Actually, I'm pretty proud of it all. Against all odds, these things actually happened because I was determined to make them happen and/or to be worthy of them happening. It's a very odd way to spend your life, but it seems to me a very good way to spend your life."This made my day. What a powerful but simple, self reflective assessment of an incredible career. Long may you shine, Dave.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but there seems to be one glaring omission (to readers of this blog at least) in the current newspaper articles about Jimmy Savile, can anyone guess? Answer = His links to Freemasons, which probably offered him more protection than him threatening to withdraw charity donations whenever people started asking too many questions.

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    Regarding the lady’s question which precipitated this discussion, namely, whether a woman could be guilty of disobedience in a parish whose pastor wanted head coverings: I am surprised no one has mentioned Cardinal Burke’s response to this matter. Forgive me if I get this wrong, but didn’t he say that while the expectation at a Mass in the Extraordinary Form is that ladies will cover their heads, they do not sin if they forgo wearing a covering?

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    Bien évidemment, tout le monde avait traduit que nos correcteurs sont des Pères (pardon Martine !) Noël…. après l’heure, c’est plus l’heure pour .

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    Oh my gosh you guys look so good and so happy! Glenn you look different with the long hair, I guess it’s because I didn’t know you when you had the long hair. Kafai… waaa ho leng lui ahhh!

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    Really you could just do it yourself by cutting out a stencil and buying some etching cream. Its really pretty easy. You can get a small bottle of etching cream for about 5 bucks from ebay.

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